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Acting on the basis of the Terms and Conditions of the Competition for the concept of urban-architectural development and management of the real estate located at ul. Bartycka 26 in Warsaw, the Organizer of the Competition announces that, in accordance with the assessment of the Final Competition Entries made by the Competition Committee, the competition entry No. 283636 submitted by the Participant FS&P ARCUS Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Abrahama 12 lok. XI has been selected as the best.

The Final Competition Entry submitted by the above-mentioned Participant was considered the best on the basis of the evaluation criteria specified in the Terms and Conditions of the Competition.

The Organizer of the Competition withdrew from awarding the second and third prizes.



ENTRY NO. 283636

Was awarded the FIRST PRIZE in the amount of PLN 80,000 net and an invitation to negotiate a contract for the development of design documentation, which is a detailed development of the competition entry.

The entry scored 83.10 points.

Participant in the competition: FS&P ARCUS Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw 03-982, ul. Abrahama 12 lok. XI

Composition of the team:

  1. Mariusz Ścisło
  2. Dominik Eymontt
  3. Arkadiusz Janowicz
  4. Karolina Piaścik
  5. Paulina Włodarczyk

Entry No. 283636 received the First Prize, which was awarded for presenting a clear spatial and land development solution, responding to the guidelines of the Organizer of the Competition, guaranteeing spatial cohesion along with a justified placement of the functions of individual stages of the investment and facilities that present an attractive functional and spatial solution that is friendly to future residents and users.

Ensuring the functionality and flexibility of the proposed solutions and meeting the design guidelines of the Organizer of the Competition, together with the adopted individual proposals of architectural solutions, gives rise to the assumption that the continuation of work will allow to achieve the final result in the form of an urban-architectural complex that will be an attractive supplement to the quarter of this area of Warsaw.

The solution for the residential area providing urban interiors that are collision-free with circular traffic, equipped with playgrounds and rest areas for residents, deserves a special recognition.

Residential buildings, forming a housing estate, are a functional zone independent of other service and office buildings, which at the same time creates a coherent functional and communication system of the entire design. The architecture of the buildings and their dimensions allow for maintaining an attractive spatial layout, allowing for proper ventilation of the housing estate, obtaining viewing openings and maintaining the scale of this part of the city.

Another entry submitted to the Competition was entry No. 260222.

ENTRY NO. 260222

The Organizer of the Competition granted the reimbursement of the costs of participation in the competition in the net amount of PLN 15,000.

The entry scored 54.80 points.

Participant in the competition: BE DDJM Architekci Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Kraków 31-018, ul. Św. Jana 20/3

Composition of the team:

  1. Hugo Herrera Piano
  2. Marek Dunikowski
  3. Mateusz Dudek
  4. Matus Scarenka
  5. Gabriela Kasperkiewicz
  6. Maria Jose Rodriguez de Vera
  7. Camille Daveluy
  8. Kamila Lorenc-Ptasznik
  9. Jarosław Kutniowski
  10. Olimpia Starzycka

Entry No. 260222, proposed an interesting shape of the building, referring to the change in the direction of the ul. Bartycka. At the intersection of two building complexes with different frontages, an attractive recreational green space was designed, topped with a public square in the office area.

Nevertheless, many components of the entry were left unclear, the design solutions used were not explained in an unambiguous and exhaustive manner, and part of the guidelines of the Organizer of the Competition and the provisions of Local Land Development Plan were not met.




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