When making the decision on dividend payment, the Management Board guides by the intention, declared in PHN S.A. strategy, to share the growth of the Company’s value with its shareholders in the form of dividend, and takes account of the Group’s present financial standing and planned cash flows, including the expected investment plans and the possibility of obtaining financing for their implementation.


On 29 June 2023, the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company, under Resolution 8 on distribution of FY2022 profit and setting the dividend record date and dividend payment date, decided as follows:

1)      The Company's net profit for the year ended 31 December 2022 in the amount of PLN 4,501,267.96 shall be distributed as follows:

    • PLN 4,097,385.04 shall be used to pay dividends to the Company's shareholders,
    • PLN 403,882.92 shall be transferred to the supplementary capital.

2)      The dividend amount per share shall be PLN 0.08.

51,217,313 shares of the Company participate in the dividends. The Annual General Meeting of the Company, pursuant to the said Resolution, set the record date as 18 August 2023 and the dividend payment date as 31 August 2023.

 Dividend for 2013Dividend for 2014Dividend for 2015Dividend for 2016Dividend for 2017Dividend for 2018Dividend for 2019Dividend for 2020Dividend for 2021Dividend for 2022
Dividend per share [PLN]2,161,300,420,260,27 0,41 0,540,350,360,08
Total dividend [mln PLN]99,960,719,612,212,6 19,2 27,617,918,44,09
Dividend rate [%]7,205,642,991,602,34 3,23 4,172,33 2,790,7
Percentage of net profit [%]10050,240,4873,8149,51 60,57 55,2221,025,3791,02
Dividend record date07.05.201419.08.201517.08.201616.08.201716.08.2018 16.08.2019 17.08.202017.08.202118.08.202218.08.2023
Dividend payment date21.05.201426.08.201531.08.201631.08.201731.08.2018 30.08.2019 31.08.202031.08.202131.08.202231.08.2023